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27-11-19 DWT suggests log shelters as a way to support wildlife in your garden Library
27-11-19 Otter deaths rising in Dorset during bad weather Library
22-11-19 Beavers set to return to Dorset after hundreds of years Library
17-11-19 Lichens ‘much younger than scientists previously thought’ Library
17-11-19 Huge decline in insect numbers will have 'far-reaching consequences', expert warns Library
17-11-19 Sociable crows are healthier, research suggests Library
08-11-19 Cow put down after nature reserve dog attack Library
08-11-19 Farmland and woodland bird numbers continue to decline Library
29-10-19 Dorset common is saved from development after landmark High Court battle Library
14-10-19 Nationally declining butterfly species thrives in Dorset Library
12-10-19 Brownsea Island project that will inspire disadvantaged people awarded £562k Library
11-10-19 Town centre osprey brings delight to Poole wildlife watchers Library
11-10-19 Badger culls have varying impacts on cattle TB Library
08-10-19 Sir David Attenborough calls for nature network to prioritise wildlife Library
05-10-19 Fears for British honey bees as a colony of deadly Asian hornets that can kill 50 of the insects in a DAY is discovered in Dorset Library
04-10-19 Report reveals UK wildlife in decline while Dorset thrives Library
03-10-19 Mob mentality rules jackdaw flocks Library
01-10-19 This rare bird made an appearance as plans were unveiled to improve Weymouth nature reserve Library
30-09-19 A record number of tawny owls have hatched in Dorset this year Library
28-09-19 How the RSPB’s role and response to the climate change crisis will change Library
28-09-19 ‘Extinct’ moth returns to Britain after forty years Library
25-09-19 Focus on: Insect Decline and the Great Yellow Bumble bee Library
25-09-19 Staff devastated by another arson attack at nature reserve Library
25-09-19 Huge swathes of Dorset could be turned into protected 'national park' Library
23-09-19 Simon Says - Spot the difference – climate campaigning is getting smarter Library
16-09-19 Pollinator boom: Butterfly success story next to Weymouth Relief Road Library
15-09-19 More badger culls are planned for Dorset Library
15-09-19 The Year of the Painted Lady: Big Butterfly Count Results Library
13-09-19 Explore Hyde's Heath's history through guided walks Library
13-09-19 At Silverlake In Dorset, Connecting With Nature Has Never Been So Wild Library