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Common Sandpiper

A passage migrant mainly in the autumn


From late August until early November we expect to see the Autumn migration period as birds from the north fly south for better weather during the winter. One of the signs of this are the occasional sightings of common sandpiper (Actitis hypoleucos) around our shores.

The common sandpiper is quite common in Britain nesting on fast flowing rivers in Scotland, northern England and Wales but they head south to Africa for the winter. They can turn up in all sorts of unexpected places here in Dorset as they stop off for a final meal before heading out across the channel. Sometimes they can stay several days before making that long journey. I watched two ferreting around amongst the large stones on the bank of the River Frome opposite the quay in Wareham. They also turn upon the sea shore, especially rocky areas.

Sandpipers have a lovely wistful piping call and that is how they come by their colloquial name.


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Common Name Common Sandpiper
Scientific Name Actitis hypoleucos
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Name of species Common Sandpiper
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