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Species Report 1

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    These are the locations where this species has been recorded in organised survey work:

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    Abbotsbury 06/06/2016 Present
    Affpuddle Forest 06/06/2010 Present
    Arne Nature Reserve 03/04/2011 Summer visitor
    Ashley Wood Nature Reserve 10/05/2010 Present
    Ashmore Wood 15/04/2012 Present
    Badbury Rings Hill Fort 01/05/2010 Summer visitor
    Bere Wood 03/05/2014 Present
    Black Hill and Turnerspuddle 25/05/2010 Present
    Bonsley Common 10/04/2011 Several
    Bracketts Coppice Nature Reserve 10/06/2014 Present
    Carey 31/05/2014 Summer visitor
    Chilfrome 03/07/2010 .
    Cole Wood 11/05/2014 Present
    Coombe Heath Nature Reserve 03/05/2010 Summer visitor
    Corfe Castle Common 14/06/2012 Summer visitor
    Corfe Mullen Meadow Nature Reserve 15/05/2012 Summer visitor
    Dewlands Common Local Nature Reserve 18/06/2013 Singing in spring
    Duncliffe Wood 27/04/2011 Summer visitor
    Durlston Country Park 15/03/2012 Summer visitor
    East Stoke Fen Nature Reserve 14/04/2014 Present
    Eight Acre Wood Local Nature Reserve 06/05/2014 Present
    Elder Road Open Space 19/04/2013 Present in the spring and summer
    Fifehead Wood Nature Reserve 16/07/2014 Present
    Fontmell Down Nature Reserve 02/06/2011 Summer visitor
    Frampton 05/04/2010 Summer visitor
    Garston Wood Nature Reserve 29/04/2015 Present
    Girdlers Coppice Nature Reserve Recorded by others
    Godlingston Heath National Nature Reserve 19/04/2017 Present
    Greenhill Down Nature Reserve 12/07/2012 Summer visitor
    Ham Common Local Nature Reserve 13/06/2013 Summer visitor
    Hartland Moor National Nature Reserve 06/04/2012 Summer visitor
    Hethfelton Wood 14/05/2011 Summer visitor
    Higher Hyde Heath Nature Reserve 10/04/2014 Summer visitor
    Holmebridge 13/05/2010 Summer visitor
    Holton Lee 31/05/2011 Summer visitor
    Holway Woods Nature Reserve 19/06/2012 Summer visitor
    Hooke Park Wood 22/04/2011 Several
    Jubilee Trail - Redbridge 21/04/2014 Present
    Kilwood Coppice Nature Reserve 30/04/2015 Several
    Kingcombe Meadows Nature Reserve 24/06/2012 Summer visitor
    Kings Wood 10/05/2013 Summer visitor
    Kingston and Houns-tout Cliff 20/06/2010 Summer visitor
    Kinson Common Local Nature Reserve 02/04/2013 Summer visitor
    Luscombe Valley Local Nature Reserve 04/05/2016 Present
    Melbury Park 15/04/2010 Summer visitor
    Middlebere Heath 22/05/2016 Present
    Mill Ham Island Nature Reserve 17/06/2015 Present
    Millhams Mead Local Nature Reserve 26/06/2013 Summer visitor
    Milton Park Wood 16/04/2011 Summer visitor
    Minterne Magna 29/03/2010 Summer visitor
    Morden Bog National Nature Reserve 30/08/2010 Summer visitor
    Moreton Heath 19/03/2012 Summer visitor
    Norden Heath and the Green Pool 14/04/2012 Summer visitor
    Oakers Wood and Bog 02/05/2016 Present
    Peascombe Nature Reserve 13/05/2015 Present
    Piddles Wood Nature Reserve 23/05/2010 Summer visitor
    Powerstock Common Nature Reserve 31/05/2016 Present
    Puddletown Forest 01/05/2012 Summer visitor
    Purbeck Ridge (Corfe East Hill) 13/06/2017 Several
    Purbeck Ridge (Nine Barrow Down) 18/07/2013 Present
    Purbeck Ridge (West Hill and Knowle Hill) 18/06/2012 Summer visitor
    Radipole Lake Nature Reserve 09/04/2010 Present
    Ringmoor and Turnworth Down 12/05/2012 Summer visitor
    Sharford Bridge 29/05/2016 Present
    Slepe Heath 14/04/2017 Present
    Sovell Down Nature Reserve 21/06/2010 Summer visitor
    Stoborough Heath National Nature Reserve 01/07/2011 Summer visitor
    Stokeford Heath 31/03/2013 Summer visitor
    Stonehill Down Nature Reserve 18/05/2013 Summer visitor
    Stour Meadows Nature Reserve 06/07/2013 Present
    Tadnoll Nature Reserve 13/05/2011 Summer visitor
    Thorncombe Wood and Duddle Heath 25/04/2011 Summer visitor
    Townsend Nature Reserve 24/05/2012 Summer visitor
    Trailway (Fiddleford) 16/03/2014 Present
    Trailway (Shillingstone) 25/03/2014 Summer visitor
    Trailway (Sturminster Newton) 05/06/2010 Present
    Wareham Common 12/06/2014 Present
    Wareham Forest (Carey Heath) 27/05/2011 Present
    Wareham Forest (Gore Heath) 22/06/2012 Present
    Wareham Forest (Great Ovens) 21/03/2011 .
    Wareham Forest (Northport Heath) 28/06/2012 Present
    Wareham Walls and Priory Meadows 18/05/2014 Present
    Wareham West Mill 30/05/2016 Present
    Wilkswood (Langton West Wood) 08/05/2014 Present
    Winspit 27/06/2013 Present
    Woolland Hill Local Nature Reserve 12/05/2012 Present

    Here is a list of sites where this species has been recorded by our Twitter contributors:

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