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  • Arne Nature Reserve

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    Name of Location Arne Nature Reserve
    Highlights Over-wintering birds, Migrating Birds, Dragonflies and damselflies, Fungi in autumn, Reptiles and amphibians, Views
    • Cafe on site
    • Ample parking on site
    • Charge for parking
    • Manned visitor centre
    • Toilets on site
    • Picnic area
    • Viewing hides and shelters
    • Seats around the site
    • Information leaflet available
    • Signed routes and trails
    • Well made paths
    • Mobility vehicle available
    • Guided walks and events
    • Dogs on leads only
    OS Map Reference SY972878
    Aspect Detail
    Manager RSPB
    Ten Top Species: 
    Species Scientific Name Status Record Date Interest Level
    Dorset Heath Erica ciliaris Present 25/08/2011
    Sand Lizard Lacerta agilis Present
    Smooth Snake Coronella austriaca Present 25/08/2011
    Smooth Cats-ear Hypochaeris glabra Present 25/08/2011
    Mossy Stonecrop Crassula tillaea Special Flowers of Purbeck (see bibliography)
    Raft Spider Dolomedes fimbratus Present on the heath ponds 25/08/2011
    Green Tiger Beetle Cicindela campestris Present on the heath 25/08/2011
    Red-banded Sand wasp Ammophila sabulosa Present 14/08/2012
    Silver-studded Blue Plebejus argus Present on the heath 02/07/2011
    Heather Spider Thomisus onustus On creeping thistle 21/07/2012
    Habitat(s) Extent Comment
    W5: Conifer Plantation Partial Gradually being removed to restore the heathland
    W4: Wet Woodland Minority In various places on the reserve
    H1: Dry Heath Significant Extensive areas
    H3: Wet Heath Partial On lower ground in heathland areas
    H2: Dry Heath/Acid Grassland Mosaic Minority Mainly around the farm
    FP: Ponds Minority Some acid ponds especially good for raft spiders and dragonflies
    CM: Mudflats & Open Tidal Water Significant Especially at low tide
    CS: Saltmarsh Partial Where the reserve meets Poole Harbour
    CD: Coastal Dunes Minority Along Shipstal beach
    BB: Buildings, bridges and walls Minority Mainly around the farm and village

    This site is designated as an SSSI or is part of a larger SSSI. Here are the details:

    SSSI Name Arne
    Primary Photo

    The Arne Peninsula lies on the southern shore of Poole Harbour and holds an extensive area of lowland heathland on the Bagshot Beds with diverse plant and animal communities of dry heath, wet heath and bog, which show many characteristics typical of Purbeck heaths. There are fine transitions from heathland into saltmarsh, reed swamp, coniferous and deciduous woodland and the site contains a geological exposure of high fossil plant interest

    Interest Biological
    Status Now Featured on NoD
    My Notes Much of the RSPB reserve at Arne is included in this SSSI.

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