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  • Abbotsbury Swannery and Gardens

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    Biodiversity Chart: 

    The range of species present is a good guide to a site's overall biodiversity. This chart shows the number of species in the main species groups (mammals, reptiles, birds, etc,) that occur here. This is a rough guide only - not truly scientific!

    Vegetation Distribution: 

    Sorry! There are no records to display ...

    Habitat(s) Extent Comment
    CP: Coastal Shingle Partial The shingle of Chesil Beach is on the opposite side of the lagoon
    CL: Saline Lagoon Significant The area where you find the swans is saline lagoon!
    Records per Species Group: 

    This chart shows the number of records in the database by species group.

    Monthly Record Count: 

    This chart shows the number of records per month for this site. This is cumulative since records started to be gathered in 2017:

    This chart may give you an idea as to the best time of year to visit but it is only a crude guide really! Although the totals are cumulative for all years you can filter to see the pattern in any particular year if you wish.