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  • NEWS DESK: The latest news about the nature of Dorset as well as new material added to the Nature of Dorset:

    • It includes blogs from some conservation organisations who report daily on what has been seen by their project
    • It includes notification of new content on the main Nature of Dorset website
    • It includes selected tweets from conservation organisations about events or activities 

    This is a digest of news items to the Nature of Dorset in the last 24 hours. It includes sightings lists, news and blog entries from conservation organisations where their websites provide RSS feeds and also access to some of the other information I glean from Twitter each day relative to nature in Dorset

    Some of these posts may have been truncated to make the page viewable. You can see the whole of an article by clicking on its title

    You can also click on the title to comment on the article if you wish.


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