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  • EXTENDED SEARCH : Google search focused on just a selection of Dorset wildlife websites:

    • Use keywords or a phrase to implement a Google Search
    • The search covers only selected Dorset conservation and nature based websites and blogs
    • Any page you select from the search results will open in a new window thus allowing you to return to your search results to access a further page

    With the extended search facility you can search not just across the Nature of Dorset website but also across the websites of other Dorset conservation organisations. It gives a more local set of answers to your query that 'googling' across the whole web. The websites included are:

    • The Nature of Dorset
    • Dorset Wildlife Trust
    • Birds of Poole Harbour
    • Portland Bird Observatory
    • Christchurch Harbour Ornithological Group
    • Butterfly Conservation (Dorset)
    • Dorset Bird Club
    • Dorset Nature
    • Durlston Country Park