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Reference Books I Use

This is a list of reference books I use which you may also find useful. Some are somewhat aged now and I have had them for many years but they still have a lot to offer although they may now be out of print.

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Paper Title Author ISBN Number Comment
Pocket Guide to the Butterflies of Great Britain Richard Lewington 0-9531399-1-3 A small but comprehensive guide to our butterflies
Royal Entomological Society Book of British Insects Peter C Barnard 978-1-4443-3256-8 The definitive reference on insects in Britain with infiormation on an amazing number of insect families (note: not species level, that would be an impossible task in one book!)
RSPB Handbook of British Birds Peter Holden/Tim Cleeves 978-0-7136-7560-5 A super guide to keep handy. I have used it on many field trips to help others to identify birds seen
RSPB Handbook of Garden Widlife Peter Holden/Geoffrey Abbott 978-0-7136-8860-3 A comprehensive guide to wildlife likely to be found in gardens
RSPB Handbook of the Seashore Maya Plass 9-781408-178362 A excellent handy guide to the plants and animals of the coastal habitats
Shorter Wild Flower Walks in Dorset Peter & Margaret Cramb 978-0-9537746-3-0 An excellent guide ten short (two to three miles) walks in Dorset where wild flowers thrive. Each walk has detailed route instructions, a list of flowers that might be seen together with other informative text and illustrations/photographs. A great help to me in my flower hunting!
The Birdlife of Britain Peter Hayman/Philip Burton Unknown Although published in 1978 this book is still my 'bible' when it come to identifying birds in Dorset, I have never found better.
The Easy Way to Tree Recognition John Kilbracken 0-86272-398-1 A step by step key to identifying trees
The Fern Guide James Merryweather 978-1-85153-228-5 The only way to make any real progress with identifying ferns!
The Hymenoptera Ian Gauld/Barry Bolton 0-19-858521-7 A detailed insight in to the natural history of bees, wasps and ants
The Illustrated Flora of Britain ... M Blamey/C Grey-Wilson 0-340-40170-2 Published in 1989, has there ever been a better guide to flora than this? My flower 'bible'
The Natural History of Dorset Various 1-874336-40-7 Published in 1997, the essential guide to Dorset and its wildlife
The Special Flowers of the Isle of Purbeck Ted Pratt 978-0-9567791-0-6 Information about some of the rarer flowers found on the Isle of Purbeck
The Wild Flower Key Francis Rose 0-7232-2419-6 Had my copy for over 30 years and I still use it regularly!
The Wild Flowers of the Isle of Purbeck Ted Pratt 0955392845 A truly amazing book listing the complete flora of the Isle of Purbeck with detailed instructions on where to find them. Indispensible!
Wild Flower Walks in Dorset Peter & Margaret Cramb 0-9537746-2-7 Guide to eight longer walks in Dorset where wild flowers thrive 
Wild Flowers in Colour Marjorie Blamey 0-7136-7237-4 A very useful back-up field guide when all you have to go on is the flowers colour!
Wild Flowers of Britain Roger Phillips Unknown A photographic guide to the wild flowers of Britain
Wild Flowers of Britain and Ireland Marjorie Blamey/Richard Fitter/et al 978-1-4081-7950-5 Has to be the definitive guide to our flora - updated edition 
Wildlife of the Jurassic Coast Bryan Edwards 978-0954484538 An attractive little guide to the Jurassic coast and some of the more interested flowers and insects to be found