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Reference Books I Use

This is a list of reference books I use which you may also find useful. Some are somewhat aged now and I have had them for many years but they still have a lot to offer although they may now be out of print.

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Paper Title Author ISBN Number Comment
A Comprehensive Guide to the Insects of Britain and ... Paul D Brock 978-1-874357-59-2 An astonishing amount of species and information in one relatively small book
A Guide to the Wildlife Habitats of Britain ... S Lake/D Liley/R Still/ et al 978-0-691-15855-6 A new book in 2014 and how I wish I had had this book many years ago! Brilliant.
Britains Day-flying Moths David Newlan Robert Still Andy Swash 978-0-691-15832-7 A field guide to the day-flying moths of Britain and Ireland
Britains Dragonflies Dave Smallshire Andy Swash 978-1-903657-29-4 A field guide to the damselflies and dragonflies of Britain and Ireland
Britains Hoverflies Stuart Ball/Roger Morris 978-0-691-15659-0 Billed as an introduction but this has everything the general naturalist would want to know about hoverflies.
Britains Plant Galls Michael Chinnery 978-1903657-43-0 A photographic guide to plant galls and deformities
Britains Reptiles and Amphibians Howard Inns 978-190365725-6 A field guide to the reptiles and amphibians of Britain
British Butterflies Robert Gooden 0-7153-759406 Been in my collection now for many years but still used regularly!
British Hoverflies Alan Stubbs/Steven Falk 0-9502891-3-2 Thirty years old and still a key reference for me on hoverflies
British Mosses and Liverworts E V Watson 0-521-28536-4 The definitive reference book on this subject - not a field guide!
British Trees in Colour Cyril Hart/Charles Raymond Unknown First published in 1973 this excellent book on trees may no longer be available but I find it an essential reference
Collins Fungi Guide Stepahn Buczacki/Chris Shields/ et a 978-0-00-724290 Has to be the most complete and usable guide to this difficult group
Collins Guide to the Ferns, Mosses and Lichens of Britain and ... Hans Martin-Jahns 0-00-219254-3 Small book packed with information; possibly too much to make it really useful
Collins Guide to the Insects of Britain and Western Europe Michael Chinnery 0-00-219137-7 First published in 1986 and still available the accepted standard field to guide the insects you are most likely to encounter
Colour Identification Guide to Grasses, Sedges, Rushes and Ferns Francis Rose 0-670-80688-9 Been in my collection a while but still my first point of reference for grasses and related species.
Colour Identification Guide to Moths of the British Isles Bernard Skinner 0-670-80354-5 Another old favourite and well worn book in my collection; where would I be without it?
Discover Dorset Woodlands Anne Horsfall 1-904349-11-0 An insight in to the woodlands of Dorset and their natural history
Dorset: a Naturalists County Nigel Webb 978-1-904-34993-8 Published to celebrate 50 years of the Dorset Wildlife Trust, a history of natural history in Dorset!
Dragonflies and Damselflies of Britain Bob Gibbons 0-600-35841-0 0-600-35841-0
Field Guide to Caterpillars of Butterflies and Moths D J Carter/B Hargreaves 0-00-219080-x Uses food plants as the primary key to identification. Sometimes useful but not great.
Field Guide to Nests, Eggs and Nestlings ... Colin Harrison 0-00-219249-7 Not a book I use often but indispensible.
Field Guide to Spiders of Britain & ... Michael J Roberts 978-0-00-219981-0 Even if you do not like spiders you would have to admire this book
Field Guide to the Bumblebees of Great Britain Mike Edwards/Martin Jenner 0-9549713-0-2 A small but excellent guide to bumblebees
Grasses Ferns Mosses and Lichens of Great Britain ... Roger Phillips 0-330-25959-8 A photographic guide to the common species of 'non-flowering' plants of Brtain
Grasshoppers, Bush-crickets and allies of Dorset Bryan Edwards 978-0-9511394-6-2 A must have if your are interested in the insects of Dorset
Lichen: an Illustrated Guide Frank Dobson 0-85546-210-8 A guide, maybe, but this is such a technical subject it cannot be made simple
Moths of Great Britain Sean Clancey 9-788799-351244 A comprehensive photographic guide to macro-moths.
Mushrooms and other fungi of Great Britain ... Roger Phillips 0-330-26441-9 A photographic guide to the more common fungi
Observer book of Pond Life John Clegg 0-7232-338-1 A guide to anything and everything likely to be living in a pond!
Plants and Habitats Ben Averis 978-0-9576081-0-8 An excellent alternatiuve approach to plant identification by habitat type.