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Whilst the Nature of Dorset is built on a 'top down' structure to guide people to the information they want I recognise that to some people that process will be a bit tedious! For this reason I am including an alphabetic Table of Contents which will lead you straight to a page that you want to see. This could be useful if you have visited this site before and found a particular section that interests you and you want to find it again quickly on your return. Of course, you may just want a quick overview of the site and what it contains. What ever your reason I hope its useful!


Table of Contents: 
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Finding or identifying species in Dorset


Build your own reports, charts and maps

Summary Database Report

Lists species by sites with number of records in the database.

Tabulated Database Report

Shoiws the nunber of records per month per species in a table.

Tools to Aid Species Identification

An alternative approach to species identification using the 'filter' capabilities of database technology. Select options from lists and see possible species matching your selections displayed.