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20-06-19 Birds of Poole Harbour diary
20-06-19 Christchurch Harbour Ornithological Group diary
20-06-19 Christchurch Harbour Ornithological Group diary
20-06-19 Christchurch Harbour Ornithological Group diary
20-06-19 Durlston Ranger's daily diary
20-06-19 Portland Bird Observatory diary
20-06-19 Portland Bird Observatory diary
20-06-19 Birds of Poole Harbour diary
20-06-19 Birds of Poole Harbour diary
20-06-19 Birds of Poole Harbour diary
20-06-19 Just managed a record shot of this Turtle Dove that shot through west early morning....we didn't see one here last…
20-06-19 RT @Davidturner1967: Cuckoo calling at middlebere now @RSPBArne @harbourbirds @DorsetBirdClub
20-06-19 #LytchettFields 172 Blackwit, 7 Redshank, 2 Oyc and 3 Teal @harbourbirds @NarwhalSh @DorsetBirdClub
20-06-19 Arctic Skua off Abbotsbury Beach, just flew over one of the Great Northerns!
20-06-19 RT @rikgold1: few scarlet tigers at radipol
20-06-19 2 sum plum Great Northern off Abbotsbury Beach. @SwannerySteve @Bexbirder
20-06-19 Lots of bird life spotted on the Fleet Lagoon today including Little terns. The best way to see these rare seabird…
20-06-19 2 Whimbrel and a Barwit at Ferrybridge this morning
20-06-19 Brown Silver-line moth on bracken (its larval food plant) on Brownsea yesterday #dwtbrown
20-06-19 It's back... Glossy Ibis in the grounds again this evening despite not being seen all day. Presumably comes in late…
20-06-19 Counted 5 Avocets on the Brownsea lagoon yesterday but sadly no sign of any breeding activity #dorsetwt #dwtbrown
20-06-19 Combe Heath BBS. Lots about inc Tree Pip, Woodlark, Dartford Warb. Plenty of SIlver-studded Blue on the wing too.
20-06-19 @PortlandBirdObs Had two delicates last night but only 3 diamond back here
20-06-19 Great time in the drizzle on my walk this morning in Wakeham, with 2 new beetles found - a Rough-haired Lagria Beet…
20-06-19 Ospreys CJ7 and LS7 both currently over Lytchett Bay @NarwhalSh @ianballam @DorsetBirdClub
20-06-19 Osprey pair seen out in the Wareham Channel earlier @DorsetBirdClub @BirdGuides @timmackrill @RoyDennisWF
20-06-19 ...modest increase in Diamond-backs (47 from the Obs traps = highest total so far this year) just about the only ev…
20-06-19 @PaulUpwey Our GND was around 8.30 too Paul so almost certainly different... we assumed ours was lingering because of…
19-06-19 Christchurch Harbour Ornithological Group diary
19-06-19 Durlston Ranger's daily diary
19-06-19 Portland Bird Observatory diary
19-06-19 Hobby just flown low across Lytchett Bay straight past me at Black Pipe @NarwhalSh @harbourbirds @LytchettP @DorsetBirdClub
19-06-19 No sign at #RSPBLytchettFields either. Green Sand, increases in Redshank & Lapwing and LRP still. 1st juv BHG of ye…
19-06-19 GW Egret Works Cove/Herbury Gore. No sign of Ibis here or at Rodden Hive.
19-06-19 Stone Curlew just flown straight over my head N at #LytchettHeath In wing moult, but didnt look as if it was about…
19-06-19 Cuckoo Morden Bog.
19-06-19 A sea of Foxgloves (Digitalis purpurea) outside @savebutterflies HQ in Dorset, looking absolutely gorgeous at the m…
19-06-19 Two osprey from Hydes Heath at 17.42 this evening came from Arne moors direction @harbourbirds @DorsetBirdClub @RSPBArne @dougaldog
19-06-19 This Cinnabar Moth was sheltering at the bottom of a bramble busg in the rain at Upton Heath this morning
19-06-19 Common Darter at #LytchettFields this morning
19-06-19 Back to my usual local patch at Church Ope Cove and great to see a few Pyramid Orchids coming into flower.…
19-06-19 The Glossy Ibis back this afternoon & a Roseate Tern too. Box pics...
19-06-19 7-8 Swift over Fleetsbridge this evening approx. 20:30-21:00 it wouldn't surprise me if that were the same ones I s…
19-06-19 RSPB Radipole- 2nd brood Beardies now out and about. I could not get any decent photos but some feeding action here…
19-06-19 Sandwich Tern fishing in bay and Common Tern fishing over #LytchettFields
19-06-19 One of our biggest resident common moths in the trap last night . A beautiful sight on a rainy morning A Privet Haw…
19-06-19 Adult YL Gull also in bay
18-06-19 Portland Bird Observatory diary
18-06-19 Durlston Ranger's daily diary
18-06-19 Christchurch Harbour Ornithological Group diary