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7/7/19 Bridport

Eyed Hawk moth Smerinthus ocellatus


07-07-19: Slepe Heath

small heath, grayling, silver-studded blue, speckled wood, marbled white

emerald damselfly, mottled bee-fly, wood ant, heath tiger beetle, labyrinth spider, red soldier beetle

yellow bartsia, bramble, common centaury, catsear, scarlet pimpernel, red clover, mouse-ear hawkweed, white clover, self heal, tormentil, bell heather, birdsfoot trefoil, yarrow,slender st johns wort, tufted vetch, cross-leaved heath, eyebright, hop trefoil, lesser trefoil, agrimony, ribwort plantain, common ragwort, white water-lily, bog asphodel, bog pondweed, southern marsh orchid greater birdsfoot trefoil, thyme-leaved sandwort, beaked hawksbeard, blue fleabane, heath bedstraw, meadow buttercup, haresfoot clover, rough hawkbit, ling, dwarf grose, round-leaved sundew, bog myrtle, bog pimpernel, lesser spearwort, marsh thistle, greater marsh bedstraw, sheep's sorrel, narrow-leaved hawkweed, silverweed, daisy, honeysuckle, dovesfoot cranesbill, lesser stitchwort, common ,ouse-ear, herb-robert, black medick

sharp-flowered rush, bulbous rush, soft rush, purple moor grass, bracken, cocksfoot, sweet vernal, Yorkshire fog, soft brome, crested dogs tail, annual meadow grass

Peter Orchard


A warm, humid afternoon but a great walk yielding heath tiger beetle (my first ever), mottled beefly and yellow bartsia - all rare species.

05-07-19: Hartland Moor

silver-studded blue, small heath, large white, large skipper, peacock, meadow brown, grayling, painted lady

keeled skimmer, heath potter wasp, buff-tailed bumblebee, large red-tailed bumblebee, heath bumblebee, purbeck mason bee, common wasp

bramble, bell heather, mouse-ear hawkweed, ribwort plantain, white clover, lesser stitchwort, catsear, tormentil, cross-leaved heath, sheep's sorrel, common centaury, selfheal, lesser trefoil, foxglove, ling, honeysuckle, round-leaved sundew, bog asphodel, yellow pimpernel, gorse, wood sage, dog rose, wild thyme, yarrow, common ragwort, birdsfoot trefoil, heath bedstraw, agrimony, scarlet pimpernel, oxeye daisy, meadow buttercup, red clover, creeping cinquefoil, lady's bedstraw, slender st johns wort, fied rose, broom, common storksbill, dovesfoot cranesbill, eyebright, smooth hawksbeard, pink oxalis

wite beak sedge, deer-grass, bulbous rush, soft rush

Peter Orchard


Cloudier and more humid today so it was a bit of hard work! Out along the dry heath path, round the bog loop, back along the dry heath and then up on to the tramway. Three very different environments. 

04-07-19: Middlebere Heath

small heath, meadow brown, marbled white

daisy, common storksbill, mouse-ear-hawkweed, eyebright, sheep's sorrel, yarrow, bell heather, beaked hawksbeard, lesser stitchwort, haresfoot clover, hop trefoil, dovesfoot cranesbill, ribwort plantain, common centaury, bamble, birdsfoot trefoil, white clover, common ragwort, germander speedwell, tormentil, catsear, red clover, common mallow 

Peter Orchard