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Here is what you can do within the Nature of Dorset Community ...

Important ...

You must be a member of the Nature of Dorset Community to contribute to any of the community pages. Membership is free and you can join by visiting the Community Home page. 

This is a summary of the features available in the Community section; all of these are accessible from the 'Features' menu which displays on every page.

Option Description Directions Menu Link

Share your photographs and experiences of nature in Dorset with the 1000+ followers of the Nature of Dorset on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr as well as the 70,000+ visitors to the Nature of Dorset website every year. 

There is a link to the "Add a new blog entry" form at the top of the blog page


The calendar shows events that are coming up in the future; walks, talks, demonstrations, courses, sales, etc

You can add an event by clicking on the date the event will take place and then filling in the form that appears

Classified Ads

This is a list of items that members have for sale or want to acquire. You can use the comments section to ask questions and the private message function to seal the deal! 

To add an item for sale or wanted click on the link in the help box


The forum is for comment and questions that are not covered by the blog, identification or records sections of the community section.

To add a new forum post click on the link in the help box


Seen an animal or plant and do not know what it is? Maybe a community member can help ... load it up here and we will see what we can do! Provide a photograph if you have one and as much information about what you saw as you can including the date and place. 

Click on the 'add new identifcation' link in the help box


The library contains documents uploaded by members that they would like to share with the rest of you. They are in PDF format so you need the appropriate reader to view them but most computers have one these days. 

You can upload documents in PDF format by clicking on the 'add a document' link in the help box 


Members can 'like' individual items of content throughout the community section and this is a lits of 'liked' content showing the most liked items first so you can pick out popular content to read easily.

Most content has a 'mark as liked' flag that you can click on


This is a list of community members for information purposes which includes links to their Twitter or Facebook account if they have one as well as a link to their personal website or blog. You can also instigate a private message to the Nature of Dorset administrator or any other member willing to receive private messages from other members. This might be useful if you need to contact another member about a classified ad for example. 

You can click on links to any members Twitter, Facebook or website pages from here and you can send a private message.

Notice Board

On the notice board you will information about events, campaigns and other important news originally posted on Twitter by some of Dorset's nature conservation organisations . 

You cannot post notices to the notice board.


This is a list of opinion polls that you can vote on and you can see the results both of current and previous polls

You can vote on any open poll but you cannot create a new poll.


Quizzes are fun and also an excellent way to learn or test your knowledge. This is a list of quizzes created that you can have a go at!

You can answer quiz questions but you cannot create a new quiz


Enter the records of what you have seen, when and where. These will then be entered in to the Nature of Dorset database to help others who are interested in the nature of Dorset. 

Use the link at the top of the page to go the 'add new records' form


You can use the search box to trace content within the community section using keywords of your choice. If you want a wider search across the whole of the Nature of Dorset and beyond use the extended search option at the bottom of the page.

Enter you keywords in to the search box and press enter


The shout box is like an internal 'Twitter' within the community. You can shout about any news you wish (nature related of course) or use it to ask a quick question.

Type your 'shout' into the box where it says "Enter message"


See what fellow community members have seen and recorded recently in tabular form. There are lots more records in the full Nature of Dorset database. 

You can add records via the 'Records' menu tab or you can add them via Twitter if we know your Twitter username.