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Community Identification Help

Items on this page have been posted by members who are hoping that someone else in the community can identify it for them.

Use the comments box to suggest an identification or to ask for further information. if someone has already provided an identification with which you agree please click on 'like' under their commented suggestion

What is this grasshopper please? [Example Post!]

Seen on the 23rd August in long grass on the bank of the River Stour near Blandford

Peter Orchard


Grasshopper and bush-crickets are members of the same insect order, orthoptera, and so are closely related but there are clear differences between them. The legs on bush-crickets are very pointed above the body and they also have much longer antennae. This is Roesel's bush-cricket, the pale green edging is diagnostic. It is a fairly recent coloniser of Dorset but is now quite common here.