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Community Advertisements

Submitted by Peter Orchard on Thu, 04/04/2019 - 19:24

The community classified ads section is provided for members to exchange equipment, books and other related items amongst themselves. There are some basic rules which have to apply:

  1. The Nature of Dorset acts merely as an means of putting buyers in touch with sellers and provides no warranty for any goods exchanged and nor does it vouch for the veracity of those involved in any transaction
  2. The Nature of Dorset makes this service available free of charge and does not seek commissions or charges on any transactions that may take place between members
  3. This service is restricted to community members only
  4. This service is not available for business purposes, if businesses wish to sell to the community members via the Nature of Dorset then the Nature of Dorset will consider setting up an online shop to facilitate this
  5. Items for sale or being sought must be for natural history uses only
  6. Advertisements must be factual and accurate and should provide as detailed a description as is possible
  7. Advertisements should not contain any personal information such as phone numbers or home addresses. The comments facility may be used to ask questions and seek further information but negotiations should be conducted via private messages only
  8. Any member abusing these rules or reported to the Nature of Dorset as being potentially dishonest may be barred from the community. 



Items for sale:

There are currently no items to display