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You may have noticed the daily tweet or Facebook post providing a link to yesterdays tweeted sightings on the Nature of Dorset. Do we need yet another list? Various organisations publish a daily list or diary, the Dorset Bird Club, Portland Bird Observatory, Butterfly Conservation, Durlston Country Park and so on so, again, do we need another list? Well, given I am producing one I think there is!

This new function on the Nature of Dorset is not meant as a competitive offering but an alternative offering. It provides a view across all species types (birds, butterflies, reptiles, the... to see full article click on the title ... Published Date: 22/04/2017

Spring bird migration and insect emergence has taken the number of recorded sightings now in the tweet database to over 1,000 entries in just a couple of months! The returning migrant birds have produced records for many of our Dorset resident species but also includes some that are much rarer here and are just passing through on their way further north. There also appears to be a surge of red kite activity here in Dorset recently, just temporary or are they expanding their range? Time will tell and I will be following records of this species with particular interest.

Whilst... to see full article click on the title ... Published Date: 07/04/2017

During the first quarter of 2017 the Nature of Dorset had an astonishing 11,466 visitors; this is well up on the same period last year which, itself, was then the best, at 5,986. This is a growth in visits of a staggering 91.5% in what is always a quiet time of year. Why the increase? Well it is hard to be precise but as the site is now 10 years old Google and other search engines consider it to be 'mature' and so the site gets more exposure and a higher page ranking. This is only part on the story and the recorded sightings database, although a new feature, is already attracting a lot of... to see full article click on the title ... Published Date: 02/04/2017

Just two months after I created the database of enthusiasts 'tweeted' sightings from across Dorset it has over 500 entries and it is now beginning to make sense and to start to be a useful tool. Already visitors the Nature of Dorset are beginning to make use of it.

The database has sightings from over 20 regular 'tweeters'; has sightings of mammals, reptiles, birds, insects and flowers and has some super photographs as well. 

The database is growing daily and the data can be interrogated for sightings by species group, individual species, places, contributors and between date... to see full article click on the title ... Published Date: 19/03/2017

Twitter, and to a lesser extent Facebook, is about news, about now. Some interesting stuff gets tweeted and some super photos get published but they have such a short life as they quickly get pushed down tweet feeds and timelines by new posts. Soon your tweet is lost for ever. I think that is a shame and I think it is a lost opportunity and so I have adapted my Nature of Dorset website to provide a solution and to give tweets everlasting life! How does this work and what does it achieve? I will try and explain.

How it works... to see full article click on the title ... Published Date: 05/03/2017