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My one aim with the Nature of Dorset project is to share my love of Dorset and its nature with others. Below is a guide to the main sections of the website with links to each or you can use the menu tabs above.


The Nature of Dorset database is my personal guide the nature reserves of Dorset and the wildlife that you might see there. The database has three sections:

  • Reserves: where the site is, what visitor facilities there are, some photographs of the site and a species list
  • Habitats: what primary habitats can be found in Dorset, what reserves they occur on and what species are associated with that habitat
  • Species: what species of animals and plants occur in Dorset, where do they occur and what are they like


Each day I try to write a short nature note about a species that can be seen here in Dorset or sometimes about a reserve that might be ideal to visit around the time of writing. My notes are very general and aimed at casual observers not specialists. I cover such things as:

  • identification features
  • habitat
  • other points of general interest
  • I also include a photograph


I am not the only person writing a blog about nature in Dorset! I like to follow what others are writing as this increases my knowledge and keeps me up to date with the latest news. My nature newspaper uses RSS technology to bring these blogs together in one place so they are easy to follow. The newspaper is published dail and includes:

  • my daily nature note from my blog
  • items from individual enthusiasts from across Dorset
  • news from wildlife organisations based in Dorset and nationally


Each day I try and publish a short nature nature note, it is part of my learning about wildlife and all aspects of nature. I find doing the research and writing just a short note about a species or a nature reserve in Dorset helps me develop my knowledge. If you would like to use the notes to help you learn to then you can foolow them on my blog. If you want to follow my nature notes but would prefer another more convenient method of doing so then there are other ways you can do so:

  • go to the Nature of Dorset Facebook page and 'like' it (see below)
  • go the my newspaper and subscribe by email to receive it each day and you will find my nature note along with lots of other news
  • go to the blog and use the RSS link to add my blog to your favourite RSS reader if you have one


If you are a  Facebook user and want to follow the news of nature in Dorset and further afield visit and 'like' the Nature of Dorset Facebook page to:

  • follow and read my daily nature notes
  • for notification that my daily Nature Newspaper has been published
  • see other items of interest on Facebook I have found and shared

I provide this website free of any charges asit forms an important part of my hobby and nature is my life, it is not my livelihood. However, if you have benefited from using any of the sites then PLEASE consider making a donation to my fund raising project on behalf of the Dorset Wildlife Trust. The link you need to do this is at the bottom of every page page.

If you want to get in touch with ideas, comments or questions then there is a 'contact me' email link on every page too. I value positive feed back but will ignore offensive or negative comment!

Peter Orchard

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